It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


This was from late September last year.  Well, we’re almost two whole weeks into October and yeah, once again, Christmas has hit the stores!  I’ve seen Christmas displays at KMart and a few aisles of Christmas stuff at Walmart!


From the looks of the Garden Center at KMart, I’d say that Christmas has finally arrived!

Need Christmas lights?  They have them.  Ornaments?  Yup.  Those annoying musical stuffed animals?  Plenty to go around.

If we do the count down, it goes something like this:

From today:

About four 1/2 weeks until Halloween

Two months and three days until Thanksgiving (less than that if you live in Canada)

90 days until Christmas Eve

So for those who walk around the stores and exclaim “Christmas already?!”, I say there’s only three months until the holiday.  What are you waiting for?




“80290 Rewind”: An 80’s Tribute

What exactly is “80290 Rewind”?  Well, other than being a zip code in Denver and a button to push on a recording device allowing you to go backwards to hear/see media over and over again, “80290 Rewind” is a CD of 80’s classic tunes cut by Alan Frew.

Who is Alan Frew?  Well, other than being the lead singer for the 80’s Canadian band Glass Tiger (who spawned the 1986 hit “Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone”) ), Alan is also a Juno award winner, Grammy nominee, songwriter, author, actor, public speaker, philosopher, general philanthropist, and most recently, a stroke survivor.

Prior to his stroke Frew traveled to Nashville and worked with some of music’s finest in laying down the tracks for a walk down 80’s nostalgia lane.

The CD consists of Frew’s take on retro hits from the likes of Simple Minds (“Don’t You Forget About Me”), John Waite (“Missing You”), Sinead O’Connor (“Nothing Compares 2 U”), Peter Gabriel (“In Your Eyes”) and many others.  Not one to leave his own band out of the mix, Frew even does a country-style cover of Glass Tiger’s top ten song “Someday”.

Frew left no surprises for a lot of listeners on this one.  Over the summer he podcast each song (some more than once) on Periscope.  If you were one of the hundreds who often tuned in to the podcasts, you’ve already heard what is going to be on this CD.

“80290 Rewind” is due to be released on November 6, 2015.  Until then you can pre-order it on



At Amazon you can sample all the songs and also purchase “Someday” and “Nothing Compares 2 U”, as well as pre-order the CD.  Also, according to Amazon’s site on October 16 you should be able to purchase “Don’t You Forget About Me” and “In Your Eyes”.

At ITunes you can pre-order the CD and download “Someday” and “Nothing Compares 2 U” right away.  I don’t know if ITunes will also be pre-releasing “Don’t You Forget About Me” and “In Your Eyes”.

From what I understand these pre-orders are digital copies only.  If you are looking for a physical copy of the CD, you may want to check out the five packages being offered at:

From what I understand #1 seems to be the most popular.

If you’re interested in reading about Alan’s journey in the recording of this CD, check out his Facebook page:

or reach out to Alan directly on Facebook or on Twitter:  @AlanFrew




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Bullying is not a joke

#FlashbackFriday – Originally posted two years ago – 10/2/13  – worth sharing again.  Word has it “Do You Think I’m A Joke” is supposed to surface in 2016?  Maybe?

Bullying is something that has been around for eons.  But what brings bullying more to light these days is not that it’s happening more frequently, it’s HOW it’s happening.

Kids aren’t just being pushed around on the playground anymore.  They are being ridiculed on social media sites, in emails, in texts.  I can see why the issue of bullying is really becoming an epidemic, considering that children today are spending more and more time on the Internet.

I’m a victim of bullying.  I spent most of my early school years being tormented in some way or another.  I was an early developer; therefore, I had breasts (large breasts) at age 10, along with all the other womanly stuff.  Add to that long, frizzy hair, coke bottle glasses (due to cataracts) and obesity, and I was a prime target for bullies.  In fifth grade I was called “four eyes” and “Dolly Parton”.  In junior high I was pushed down a flight of stairs.  I also was slammed against a mural, my head pulled up by my hair by two girls in ninth grade, so I could see the “pretty picture on the wall”.  I’ve even been a victim of bullying as an adult, but I won’t go into that here since this is about bullying and kids.

The summer before my freshman year I got contact lenses, which were not cheap for my family, since they were special contacts due to my poor eyesight.  You would have thought I was the new hot chick in school on that first day.  A boy I had sat in front of in home room for the previous three years tapped me on the shoulder and asked me where I was from.  When I turned around and spoke to him his jaw dropped.  He couldn’t believe it was me.  I had a new haircut, new clothes, I had lost weight.  Yes, and just like that, the bullying stopped.  Weird, huh?

Looking back I’m grateful we did not have access to all the social media crap we have today.  As useful, fun and entertaining as Facebook and Twitter can be, I think if they had been around back then, I would not be here today.  Because my bullying experiences would have been much worse than they were.

American kids are fortunate to have so many willing to take a stand for them against bullying.  Various anti-bullying and anti-cyber bullying laws and policies have been put into force in every state.  Schools are legally obligated to report any kind of bullying.

Although there are programs and some provincial laws in place, children in Canada do not seem to have as much anti-bullying support as their American counterparts.  However, that appears to be going to change soon:

And an extremely cool anti-bullying project called “Do You Think I’m A Joke” is underway in Canada.  This venture is being spearheaded by singers/songwriters Andrew Cole, Michael Hanson and Alan Frew.  It’s something I’m hoping spreads worldwide once it’s complete:

No, bullying is not a joke.  It is not something to take lightly and these kids need caring adults to advocate for them when they need it most.  Don’t ever be afraid to take a stand against bullying.

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Did You Find What You Were Looking For?


It truly shows their character….and the fact that they apparently have nothing better to do…

Funny How Things Are Connected

At one time you had MySpace.  What was that all about?  Literally it was “your space” to use for whatever you wanted to say, pictures you wanted to post, music you wanted to share, etc.

Then you have Facebook.  What do you see most on Facebook?  Photos.  Hence the face connection.

Twitter is my favorite.  What do you see most on Twitter?  Twits!  I don’t think it’s any accident that Twitter contains that word.  I think the creators just KNEW the majority of the people they would encounter….

Would you treat someone who supports you like this?

The next time you come looking for this, keep in mind that this was originally posted on here in 2008.  Also keep in mind the message was sent to me in 2003.

A LOT has happened since 2008, mainly in 2013.  This is a part of what transpired, a part of what became my memoir.  It does not define who I am as a “fan” of this person or how much I was a “fan” of this person or how much I am a “fan” of this person now.

Sorry, but you would’ve had to have experienced it to understand what I’m saying.  Then again, you would probably never understand.


The following is an excerpt from a message I received from a musician’s “manager”.  I use that word loosely because she can’t manage her way out of a paper bag.

I attended many of this musician’s concerts, paying a lot of money to see him perform.  I even contributed a lot of cash to an alleged charity this artist was performing on behalf of.  I never did anything wrong at any of the shows.  When I asked for clarification from the “manager” regarding this message, all I got was ignored.  As you can probably guess from reading this, they are a couple of washed-up two-bits struggling to stay alive in the music biz after 20 years.

I will add my comments after certain sections…

I wanted to send you a quick note to address a situation that has been brought to our attention.  It seems there remains some undeniable and concerning issues over your very enthusiastic way of supporting Alan and his music and how you handle dealing with other fans at times, some who have supported Alan since day one, twenty years ago.  New Year’s Eve is the topic at hand.  Please remember that the fans have been arranging their own seating and tickets and accommodation for many years and it would be best if that remained the case.  Everyone should sit and stay wherever they like.  We don’t want to frustrate or alienate the Wits End Pub or the Delta and their staff.

At this point in reading the message, I wanted to know exactly what the “undeniable and concerning issues” were.  I went to this person’s shows, paid my hard-earned money to support him and his “manager”, never said a bad word about the guy (up to this point any way–and never said anything bad about his “manager” either–that would change after this one).  The only encounters I had with other fans were on this musician’s web site where he had a message board.  I did meet a few in person but never had any altercations that I can recall.  And I certainly did not arrange seating or hotel accommodations for anyone and didn’t appreciate being accused of doing so.  Why would I do that?  I was travelling well over 500 miles to go to this show.  I didn’t even know where I was going to be staying, not much anyone else!  As for frustrating or alienating the Wit’s End Pub or the Delta, I wasn’t sure how she thought I was going to do that.  The pub was where the show was.  I’d been there once prior and all I did was eat and watch an acoustic concert by this musician.  As for the Delta, I’d never even stayed there prior to this one time (and at the time of this message, hadn’t stayed there at all!).  I didn’t know anyone at these locations.  How was I going to alienate or frustrate them? 
Also, something we don’t always make public (so why are you doing so now?) is that Marci and Donna are part of Alan’s business team.  They are fans and often like to be able to come out and be fans with their friends, but they do in fact represent Alan and I. 
First of all, the bitch didn’t need to inform me of this.  I already knew it and so did a lot of others.  The two twits had fucking TOLD us!  DUH!  Knowing these two twits and knowing they represent this “manager” and Alan, all I could think was “good luck”!  You’d be better off being represented by the Pillsbury Doughboy…then again, they both LOOKED like the Pillsbury Doughboy… 
So if they speak to an issue, they speak for us as well.  (What issue were they speaking about? I still have yet to know!) 
We realize you are now a strong supporter of Alan and his career and both he and I are grateful for this…
But you have a strange way of showing it, bitch… 
However, if your enthusiasm manifests or misconstrues itself to look like bullying or being overbearing…
Whoa!  Who is the one being a bully and overbearing?  I wasn’t doing anything wrong and you come along and jot this lovely (not) note to me, bitch!  FUCK YOU! 
it will definitely become an issue of major concern to the running of Alan’s fan-based website and fan following in generally, especially his convention…
Really?  How so?  And the funny thing is, he never had another convention!  The first one was a joke anyway!  Again, they quickly forget who put them where they are and who pays them so they can put food on their table…they’re just SO grateful! 
We want you to enjoy the experience of being on the board as a true Alan supporter. (Sure you do/did…that’s why you sent me this note, right?  God you are such a BITCH!) 
We only ask that you look carefully at your approach and that you appreciate the loyalty and sensitivity of others when speaking about Alan in any forum. 
Of course, just like all the other whores do, right?  Oh, if only you knew exactly WHAT was said by OTHERS in some of the forums regarding Alan that I have been on, your head would spin.  Some VERY interesting things were said both in private messages via Alan’s site and in various off-site message boards and chat rooms, as well as in person…so don’t go telling me to be loyal and sensitive to others when talking about Alan, bitch!  Loyal and sensitive to what?  The fact that they’re telling me their past experiences with Alan and their inner most desires with Alan?  And that’s coming from the “fans”.  You should see what Alan himself has to say on social media sites and in emails.  It makes what the “fans” say tame! Get real, bitch! 
We do recognize and appreciate your enthusiasm (yeah, tell me another one…if you recognized and appreciated it so much why’d you do this to me?) and thank you for your cooperation on this matter (like we just finished a big business lunch or something)…
Like any normal person would, I did ask for an explanation.  And asked.  And asked.  I wrote a seven page letter to the bitch asking.  And never got a reply.  And I figured out why.  Because this woman is a two-timing bitch who is so cowardly and could not face me because she knew she was wrong in her accusations.  She didn’t have the decency ONCE to apologize for anything she said.  She just acted like nothing ever happened.  And now she wonders why so many things have been said about her and Alan all over the Internet.  In a way I feel bad for Alan and the fact that he has this person for a “manager”.  On the other hand, he’s been an asshole too and they really deserve each other.

And that’s why, folks, I wrote “HOW I PISSED OFF A ROCK STAR”…
And here is the actual message:
frewsie 001
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Excerpt from “Love Letters To A Rock Star”

Previously published but enjoying again for #WayBackWednesday

The following is a brief excerpt from the most current novel I’m writing called “Love Letters To A Rock Star”.  It’s kind of a prequel to my memoir “How I Pissed Off A Rock Star”.  I’ve gotten a lot of positive buzz on this from critique groups so I thought I’d bring it here to share a little.  Here’s a taste:

I had so many questions to ask Yvonne and it was all her fault.  After all, she was the one who began telling me her tale.  She had opened the door and I walked right in.

“Okay, I just finished reading your e-mail and I’ll try to answer all your questions.  You with the naughty mind!  No, I’m not embarrassed to tell you details about the time I spent with Brent.  It’s really not as glamorous as you may think.”

I held my breath as I began reading her responses to my questions.

“I had to laugh when you asked how big his cock was.  I know, you’d think  ‘big, macho rock star, big dick’, right?  Think again.  Brent was nothing extraordinary.  I’ve seen bigger dicks on dogs!”

I nearly fell off my chair in laughter and moved on to her next reply.

“Was Brent a good lover?  Hm…define good.  He was okay.  Sorry to disappoint you but I’ve had better.  Again, nothing extraordinary.  He didn’t even make me come!  I faked it with him! Haha!”

Oh my God.  Yvonne was too much!

“Okay, his favorite position?  All I’ll tell you is that it rhymes with ‘froggy’.  Did we try it?  Yes!  Was he good at it?  Meh.  Ordinary.”

I glanced at my watch and realized it was time for me to leave.  For the moment I closed out my inbox and shut the laptop off.  The rest of Yvonne’s sexcapade with Brent Crude would have to wait.

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Been there, seen it, heard that

If you create something and leave no surprise, what is the point in even having it?

An Old Touch To A New Thing

An interesting marketing concept is catching on:  why don’t we feature 80’s pop stars singing lines from their 80’s hits in 2015 commercials.  Hm….it could work.  After all, the people we are targeting grew up listening to this music so why not?

That’s why you’re seeing the band Europe singing “The Final Countdown” in a Geico commercial as an office worker patiently waits for his burrito to finish cooking in the microwave (get it–the final countdown)?  Then there is Rick Astley jumping out of a cake belting “Never Gonna Give You Up” at the tail end of a cell phone provider commercial.  Bank of America has Billy Idol representing them with their “more, more, more” campaign.

I’m not sure these commercial spots are going to do the trick in enticing my generation to “drink the Kool-Aid” as consumers, but at least I can say they are entertaining.

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