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Why do we still need God?

Once again Twitter has given me food for thought.

Today someone tweeted:  Why do we still need God?  I immediately wondered:  why wouldn’t we still need God?

So why do I feel we still need God?  Fear of the unknown may be a reason for some.  But what is the unknown?  What is going to happen tomorrow?  That is not for us to know.  Tomorrow is just for us to live, just as today is and yesterday was.  I all ready know I’ve been born and I know that someday I will die.  Everybody is going to die.  It is guaranteed.  There is nothing unknown about it, so there is nothing to fear.  As someone once said to me:  “you can’t fear or worry about something you have no control over”.

As for being comforted in believing something greater than myself has control, yes, I know something greater than myself has control because I sure as hell don’t.  I know non believers will argue the “nature” or “science” theory when it comes to bad weather.  Yes, I agree that nature does influence the weather.  But in thinking deeper, what controls nature?  What makes nature like it is?  Nonbelievers will blame religion on the fact that there are wars.  Yes, I agree that many wars have occurred because of religion.  But that is not the case with all wars.  And in thinking deeper, what controls the people who fight these wars?  What controls their ability to invent guns and other weaponry?

I think we still need God to have something to believe in.  And I know non believers will sarcastically ask “which God”.  To which I reply:  The Higher Power.  Call it what you want.  The definition covers everybody.  I know believing in something is great, but why God and not the dust bunnies under my bed?  Well, believing in God makes people feel good about themselves, myself included.  The dust bunnies, well, they just collect more dust.  And I’m sure not believing in God makes people feel good about themselves also.

Just like the percentage of extreme Atheists draws a bad picture for all Atheists, the same thing goes for the percentage of extreme religious individuals.  If we would all just learn to accept one another for what we do or don’t believe in, the world would be a much better place to live in.



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