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Another reason why I can’t stand “studies”

I’m sure there is a lot of good that comes from all the studies and research that is conducted on everything from why we sleep to why we shit.  I should hope so considering the large sums of money that is spent to reveal what Captain Obvious could have told us. 

The most recent study conducted has concluded that supposedly childless couples are happier.  Really?  And who conducted this study?  A bunch of childless people? 

Let me reflect back almost nine years to my pre-child days.  I was 34 years old, I had been married for nine years, was working a shit job, was writing part-time, was traveling a lot, was drinking alcohol more than I should, was working out a lot, had lost a lot of weight and just basically enjoying my boring, ordinary life.  Although I was doing all of this, I really can’t say my husband and I were happy.  Something was missing from our lives.  And it wasn’t a dog.  We already had a cat and he didn’t really do much for us other than demand his dish be filled.

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant off and on for the previous six or seven years, ending with lots of HCG shots and unsuccessful IVF procedures.  Then finally it happened.  We had a little girl. 

Almost nine years later we ask ourselves:  “what the hell did we do before Melanie was born”?  We can’t even remember.  Melanie has changed our lives, as well as the lives of our family members, all for the better. 

I don’t care what studies say.  A study doesn’t know what it feels like to see your child smile for the first time.  It doesn’t know what it’s like to hear your child say “Mama” for the first time.  It doesn’t know the joy of birthdays or Christmas morning.  A study is just that.  A study.  Nothing much comes from studies except for more studies.

Do I resent childless couples?  Maybe for a split second.  They are the people I know who say “better you than me” when they learn you’re pregnant.  They are also the people who have a longing in their eyes when they see you holding your newborn in your arms.




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