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A letter to Rachel Canning

Dear Rachel,

I’ve been following your lawsuit story in the news for the past couple of days.  Although I don’t know you personally, based on what I DO know, I have established that you are nothing but a spoiled, bratty twit who needs a very serious wake up call to what life is really like.  Either that or a really good slap in the face.  Maybe both.

In some regard I do blame your parents.  They are the ones that created the monster you have become.  Apparently they had been paying your tuition at the private high school, which was their choice.  Their thinking, as most parents so erroneously believe, I’m sure was that the best education is the one that you pay for.  That’s not always the case.  Especially when the sharon kid being educated thinks a private education is OWED to them and then turns around and sues her parents because she can’t get her way.

I understand, Rachel , that you are 18 years old.  That makes you an adult.  From what I understand of your story, although there is conflicting information, you voluntarily left home because you didn’t want to follow your parents’ rules.  Of course there are always two sides to every story and your side is that your parents were abusive to you and “kicked” you out of the house.  Based on the videos of your twitty self that I have viewed all over the internet and the fact that you are allegedly an honors student and cheerleader, I think Mom and Dad have treated you quite well in your 18 years.  Look at all you have:  private high school, a car, college fund.  There are a lot of kids your age who have none of that.  Yet here you are wanting your cake and the ability to eat it too.  Shit, there are kids out there who don’t even have parents.  You have parents who have raised you the way they have because they love you and you turn around and try to sue them.

So you had a curfew you didn’t like.  Or you had a boyfriend your parents didn’t like.  I’m sure they told you that while you were living under their roof you were to abide by their rules.  And you didn’t like it.  Tough shit, Rachel.  That is life.  You are going to have rules wherever you go in this world.  If you ever make it to college, you’ll discover they have rules there also.  If you ever join the is working world, you’ll learn there are rules.  I’m sure if you drive you understand there are rules of the road.  And someday if you should ever have children of your own, you will undoubtedly have rules that they will need to follow.  Just like your parents had for you.  Hopefully your kids won’t sue you.

You are missing the big picture, Rachel.  You may think you’re doing the right thing in filing a lawsuit.  But what a you really need to do is apologize to your parents and make amends.  Even if you don’t want to live under their roof and follow their rules, they are still your parents and your family.  I actually think the best thing they can do for you is to let you survive on your own.  You are, after all, an adult.  They really don’t owe you anything anymore.

In closing, I have three words of advice for you, Rachel:  Life is short.  Someday you’ll regret the decisions you have made.  You may not think so, but bitch you will miss your parents when they’re gone.  Take it from one who wishes her mother was still alive so we could butt heads once in a while.  I miss those moments, as well as the good times.

Good luck with the life you wish to lead without your family in it.  It will be a very difficult one and maybe that is what you really deserve.



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