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A Date With Daddy

A little flashback on #sentimentalSunday, originally posted this day two years ago.  

My daughter is nearly 11 now and she still likes to have picnics with both me and her father.  Sometimes she even does the cooking.  She and her father are inseparable at times.  

Fathers (and mothers), do yourself a favor and spend your precious time with your kids.  They are not kids forever.  This one is for all the parents…


The latest in human misinterpretation really mystifies me.

A father videotapes a “date” he has with his three-year-old daughter.  He really plays it up, dressing in a suit and tie, acting all nervous as he goes to the door (which he had just come out of).

His little girl is more than happy to see him, showing off her shoes and giving him a big kiss and hug.  Then she literally drags him out to the back deck for a little picnic, complete with princess cups and carrot sticks.

Following dinner you see father and daughter walking in the park.  Daddy pushes daughter on the swing.  They walk along a balance beam.  He gives her a ride on his shoulders and you can just see the love in this father’s eyes for his daughter.  You can see the admiration in the little girl’s eyes for her father.

By the end of the viewing I was in tears.  Maybe it was the song that got me.  But it also made me think of three things:  the father I never had, the one who never loved me, never showed me any attention, never had a picnic with me or took me to the park; secondly, my husband and our daughter and the love and admiration they have for each other.  My daughter worships the ground my husband walks on.  Third, the fact that some people felt this video was “creepy” after seeing it.

Creepy?  Why?  Because they called it a “date”?  Because they dressed up?  Where is the “creepy” in a father showing his daughter attention, spending time with her, talking to her, playing with her?  More fathers should do that.

Would it have been any less “creepy” if they were both wearing jeans and T-shirts?  If they were sitting in the living room eating while watching TV?  What if it were a mother and her son?  A father and his son?  Or a mother and her daughter?  My daughter and I have picnics on the living room rug quite frequently and I don’t feel there is anything “creepy” about it.

I know this much about raising children:  they grow up faster than we know.   Too many girls (and boys) are living in homes where all they are learning is how to be violent and abusive or accept that as an everyday occurrence.  That isn’t right.

When she is grown up I want my daughter to know the right way a man should treat her and the right way she should treat a man.  I have a feeling the little girl in this video will also be able to do that because the main man in her life, her father, took the time to show her how.



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