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Is there something wrong with this picture?

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve become confused by a few people I associate with and the things that they do.

First there is a client of mine I’ll call “Mary”.  She is an older woman who loves to talk and I’m more than obliged to listen.  One thing Mary has harked about is her stance on abortion.  She is flat-out against it and has made it quite clear to me.  Which I’m fine with.  I’m neutral on the subject myself.  To me it’s every woman’s right to do with her body what she wants.  But I began questioning Mary’s integrity when she mentioned that she just paid for her six-teen-year-old grand-daughter to have an abortion because the girl had turned to her for advice, afraid of what her parents would say/do/think.  I didn’t say anything to Mary when she concluded her story with “she’ll be better off for it”.

Another recent event had me at a fancy charity dinner to support a local women’s shelter.  I had been invited by another client I had done work for and greatly respected.  I’ll call this one “Bob”.  Bob is a married man with three kids.  Bob is a big supporter of women’s causes, especially charities that aid in helping abused women.  He has donated a ton of his time and money to these causes.  So you can imagine my surprise when I heard him speaking to another male peer at the dinner about how “Cindy was a no-good cunt”, referring to the chairwoman of the charity!  I was even more shocked when I visited the account of one of Bob’s social media sites and discovered a ton of porn pictures.  I’m not going into detail about the photos here but let’s just say I think Bob could be spending some time behind bars in the future.

The fact that Mary bitches about abortion and then pays for her grand-daughter to have one doesn’t bother me.  The fact that Bob called the chairwoman of the charity he was supporting a “cunt” and looks at graphic porn on his computer all day doesn’t bother me either.  The things they do are their business.  They have to live with the consequences.  What does bother me about these two is the fact that they are hypocrites.

I’m not perfect either but I certainly wouldn’t go around saying I don’t agree with abortion and then turn around and pay for someone to have one.  I also certainly wouldn’t preach all these wonderful things about this women’s charity and that women’s charity and all the work I’ve done for such-and-such women’s charity and then call a woman (and probably other women too) derogatory names and get off on looking at nude pictures of strange women on Instagram.

Both of these scenarios would be like going to a Third World country to help aid hungry people.  While the very people you are there to help feed are eating nothing but rice, you are sitting down to filet mignon.

What’s wrong with that picture?



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