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From the land of Twitter

Sometimes I read the most interesting stuff on Twitter.  And sometimes what I read is pure shit.

Today I read a tweet from someone who stated:  “Has concept of #God ever looked sillier than it does right now with #christians #sunnis #kurds #shiites AND #ISIS all praying to same thing?”.  

To me, the “concept” of a “God”, a “Higher Power”, “Someone More Powerful Than Yourself” is never “silly”.

The thing is, the original tweeter makes it sound as if Christians, Sunnis, Kurds, Shiites and ISIS are praying to the same God.  The tweeter is wrong.  The whole issue in Iraq is that ISIS wants anyone of another religion to stop believing in that religion and convert to Islam.  And if religion was not an issue here, ISIS would be going after these people for something else–probably land, resources, the clothes off their backs.  Who the fuck knows.  Their objective is to completely take over the region and make Islam the one and only religion.  These people are still living in the fucking Dark Ages.  Once we learn to accept one another’s beliefs, the world may start to finally know peace.

But I wonder:  if there is no “concept” of God then how can one have the balls to berate others who DO believe?  How can one person accuse OTHERS of believing in a God who is “responsible” for rapes and murders when this one person doesn’t even believe in God?

I wonder who this individual thinks is responsible for creating him, the birds and flowers.  Who is responsible for letting bad human things happen, from rapes and murders to earthquakes and tornadoes?  Who?  Who makes all that happen?  Does this person making this tweet make it all happen?  Maybe just because he wakes up every day it causes someone to murder someone.  Maybe because this tweeter merely exists it causes someone to want to rape someone.  Maybe every time this tweeter opens his mouth it causes an earthquake to happen.  As far as the tweeter is concerned, he may as well be responsible for everything.  Because after all, since there is no God, He certainly can’t be responsible for it, now can He?

It is just my opinion but I don’t feel God is responsible for any bad human things that happen.  However, he is in essence responsible for US.  He gave US the ability to know right from wrong, to do right from wrong.  As for the weather?  I do believe God controls that.  I know science does have to do with it also but where did science come from?  How were we given the ability to study and understand what science is all about?  How were we given the ability to learn how to track a hurricane and know how to prepare for one and protect ourselves in the event of one?  If God didn’t give us the ability to do any of that, then who the fuck did?  I don’t believe “it just happened”.  That’s too simple an answer.  Life is way too complicated for such a simple answer.  Saying “it just happened” is a cop-out.

There definitely has to be more to it…and maybe it’s not for us to know.




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