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A “Bad” Decision

What is bound to be the hottest toy this holiday season?  Hopefully not the new “Breaking Bad” animated figurines available for sale at Toys R Us.  What was the toy conglomerate thinking?  What’s next?  “Walking Dead” zombie dolls, “Orange Is The New Black” fashion dolls and “Game of Thrones” characters?

I’ve never watched “Breaking Bad” but I do know the premise of the show involves a former chemistry teacher turned meth maker.  What is disturbing is the fact that this action figure comes complete with a bag full of cash and its own meth stash.  More disturbing is the fact that there are adults out there that will actually buy this shit, even if it’s just to have as a collectible.

To their credit Toys R Us has issued the following statement:  “The products…. are carried in very limited quantities and the product packaging clearly notes that the items are intended for ages 15 and up. Items from this TV series are located in the adult action figure area of our stores.”

Intended for ages 15 and up?  If I had a 15 year old I’m not certain they would want to play with an action figure and at that impressionable age, they sure as hell wouldn’t be watching “Breaking Bad”.  They can be found in the “adult action figure area” of the store?  Don’t tell me.  That area is right next to the “Holly The Happy Hooker” and “Carl the Cocaine Addict” sections, right?  I’ve been in Toys R Us many, many times and have NEVER seen an “adult action figure area”.

If adults with children are stupid enough to waste money on shit like this, they can knock themselves out.  Hopefully Mom and Dad won’t catch junior in his Hazmat suit cooking up some lovely meth in the kitchen.



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