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A Lost Ignorance

As Canada learned all too quickly yesterday, no country in the world is immune to terrorism.  Canada’s issue–as clearly stated in Andrew Cohen’s opinionated article featured on– is/was ignorance.  Welcome to the club.  America was once ignorant too.

The general population of the world used to walk around with blinders on because we could.  Now we live in a world where eyes need to be open WIDE at all times.  We need to be greatly aware of everything around us.

Who would fathom that one day planes would fly into buildings, that bombs would be set off at marathon finish lines, that innocent children in classrooms would be killed, that people watching a movie would be shot down, that someone would sneak past Secret Service and enter the White House undetected, that someone would shoot and kill a soldier guarding a war memorial and then cause mayhem within the government to cause it to be locked down for the day.  Who ever knew?  In our ignorant minds shit like this could never happen.  Only in the movies.  Guess what?  Hollywood has become reality.  We’ve learned it can happen:   in America, in Siberia, in Burundi, in Canada.  It can happen anywhere in the world.  No country should ever think it is immune to the disease of terrorism.

Unfortunately there is no vaccine for terrorism so the big question remains:  how to stop it?



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