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Would you want someone to talk to your mother like that?

An ad agency recently had the brilliant idea of having a female walk the streets of New York to see how many times she got cat-called by male onlookers.  They even taped it to make it go viral.

Some say the guys were “planted”; maybe they were.  In my opinion I don’t think the woman was anything worth hollering at.  So that makes me wonder: if these guys weren’t planted, maybe they’ll yell at just about anything!

But going beyond looks, the point is these men still hollered stuff at this woman, from a simple “hey baby” to “sexy American Eagle” (commenting on the brand of jeans she was wearing).  In watching the video it’s true that these guys certainly could have said and did a hell of a lot worse.

What men need to think about before cat-calling to any woman on the street is how they would feel if they knew someone was cat-calling to their mother, or their wife, girlfriend, sister or daughter?  Or worse–harassing them, either verbally or physically.  Then again, maybe many of them wouldn’t care because they don’t care about the women in their lives.

For most women, if they are walking down the street, they are going somewhere or they have things to do.  They’re not looking to get hit on.  If they wanted that, they’d go to a bar.  There’s a time and a place for flirting and the sidewalks of New York, at any time, is not the answer.



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