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The Deflategate Debate

As comical as the whole deflategate thing has been this past week, like everyone else, I’m tired of hearing about it.

The game causing so much controversy occurred a week ago tonight.  After a week of speculation, finger pointing, name calling, hating, bashing, references to footballs and how they feel, how much air they hold, how plump this one likes his and three press conferences later, the NFL still has not said a word.  This is just a shot in the dark but my guess is they have nothing to say.

The great thing about the New England Patriots is that no sooner had the first crazed journalist struck, this topic was already dead.  As Brady said last Monday morning, “I’ve heard it all now”.  And this week we did hear it all.  I will never look at a football the same way ever again.  Not that I’ve looked at many to begin with.  It’s a fucking football, for chrissakes!

Tomorrow the New England Patriots get on a plane to head for sunny Arizona.  There they will continue to prepare for the Super Bowl.  To them “deflategate” is history, as well it should be.

As for the NFL, well, they can keep inspecting their balls, investigating the air in the balls, test how the balls function, etc. but it still won’t change the fact that New England steamrolled over Indy in a 45-7 rampage to win the AFC title and move on to the Super Bowl.



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