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The New England Patriots: Beyond Champions

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now that The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl last night.  Chances are you know the details of the game and how it was won, so I won’t go into them here.  Speaking as a Patriots fan, they are great details!

So, what makes up a Super Bowl champion?  Is it scoring a touchdown, then in celebration spinning the football around, simulating pulling your pants down and then simulating defecating on the football?  How about flashing your fingers to the camera, holding up two fingers on one hand and four on the other in reference to a player on the opposing team who you know is better than you are but because you’re an asshole you’ll never admit it.  Funny thing is, most of us football fans had no idea Richard Sherman knew how to count!  And he went to Stanford…go figure.  I know a Super Bowl champion can’t be a player who refuses to talk to the media and makes a mockery out of media day during Super Bowl week by repeatedly saying, “I’m just here so I don’t get fined”.  Then the ass manages to get fined anyway for the fucking hat he was wearing!

Maybe a Super Bowl champion is a sore loser who can’t control himself so he decides to throw punches at the winning team’s tight ends.  No, I don’t think any of these qualities are the make up of a Super Bowl champion.

A Super Bowl champion is a quarterback who was selected 199th overall, who would spend a year, possibly more, sitting on the bench behind a multi-million dollar quarterback.  Then by pure chance, luck, miracle, hell, call it what you want, this quarterback taken at number 199 takes over the helm and gets his team to the Super Bowl.  Then he does it again five more times, winning four of the six.  Guess how many other quarterbacks have ever done that?  Only two others.  That’s pretty elite territory for a quarterback to be in.  But that’s what makes a Super Bowl champion.

A Super Bowl champion is a man who undoubtedly is the best cornerback in the league.  His former coach even told him so.  So considering that statement, the player asked for more money and the team he was on basically told him to pound sand.  So he moves on to Tampa Bay where he just about rots in hell.  Nobody can afford this guy.  He knows what he’s worth and all that.  There’s no way the Patriots can get him.  But they do.  At first it’s rough for this cornerback.  He gets sent home after showing up late for practice.  That is not how Super Bowl caliber teams work.  He learns and he does well.  Shit, the man has his own fucking ISLAND!  And now he has a Super Bowl ring to go with it!

A Super Bowl champion is a feisty wide receiver who shares the same fondness for Joe Montana that his quarterback does.  He becomes emotional at the amount of hate and trash talking his team has to endure.  He may be small in stature, but he’s big in spirit and strength.  He tears up when talking about the quarterback and about his father, who the wide receiver says has encouraged him always in all he does as a player and as a person.

We can’t forget that a Super Bowl champion is the goofy, lovable fan favorite tight end.  Off the field he may emit a sense of aloofness.  But on the field he is all business.  He is built like a brick shithouse and he won’t ever hesitate to “throw you outta the club”.  Despite his size, he has incredible hands and has made beast-like catches that just seem impossible.  To top it off, he’s got the hippest ride around in the family “party bus”.  He’s just an awesome guy to have on a Super Bowl Championship team.

It may seem unlikely at first but believe it or not, a Super Bowl Champion is an unknown, undrafted rookie who barely played college ball and actually cut his college football teeth at Hinds Community College.  He wasn’t even part of the rotation to start the Super Bowl.  With twenty-six seconds to go and a final chance by Seattle to score and win, this unknown, undrafted rookie “nobody” became an instant “somebody” when he intercepted the ball.

The rest is history.

Tomorrow these Super Bowl champions will take to the duckboats and ride through the streets of Boston.  They will lovingly hoist the Lombardi trophy and wave to the fans who venture out in the snow and cold to see their beloved Patriots and celebrate victory.

As Bob Kraft said when he accepted the Lombardi trophy for the fourth time:  “We are ALL Patriots”.  Yes, we are, Mr. Kraft.  And we are ALL champions!





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