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Why leave Massachusetts?

I’m not really certain why anyone would move away from Massachusetts.1375272_480846765349110_5041656448222417871_n

Okay, maybe the sub-zero temps and mountains of snow causes many to start looking for real estate in a warmer time zone.

However, one thing I’ve learned about the people I know who have moved from Massachusetts to somewhere south of the border is that you may be able to take them out of Massachusetts, but you can never take the Massachusetts out of them!

Here are some things that no one will ever tell you about leaving Massachusetts:

1.  Everyone else runs on Starbucks.  A true Masshole needs their Dunks.  Personally, I actually prefer the specialty drinks from Cumby’s (and they’re only a buck!).

2.  Change your frappe thinking to milkshake.  Order a frappe in Florida and you’ll be looked at like you have three heads.

3.  Everyone thinks they can do a Boston accent.  The thing is not everyone who lives in Mass lives in Boston.  And we all don’t talk like Marky Mark.

4.  If Atlanta, GA gets a dusting of snow the city shuts down.  If Boston gets a dusting, it’s business as usual.  Same with a blizzard.


5.  We do St. Patrick’s Day better than anywhere else in the world.  Including Ireland.

6.  You’ll never find better lobstah rolls and New England clam chowder anywhere than in Mass (especially on the Cape).

7.  Speaking of the “Cape”, real Massachusettsians don’t “go to the Cape”; we go “down the Cape”.

8.  Our sports teams have spoiled us.  Especially those Pats.

9.  Speaking of the Pats, not everyone outside of Mass will understand your deep abiding love for Tom Brady


10.  You know the best ice cream in the world is Brigham’s.  Except for Ben & Jerry’s.

11.  People you get to know in other parts of the country will assume you know Matt and Ben because of your Massachusetts roots.  Tell them you do.  If you’re reading this and don’t know who the hell Matt and Ben are, then you’re not a pure Massachusettsian.  Shame on you!


12.  Candlepin bowling rules.

13.  So do sprinkles and jimmies

14.  We get four real seasons.  Some tend to last longer than others, but there are four of them.

15.  Autumn in Mass (and New England) is incredible


16.  It’s always fun to correct other’s spellings of certain Mass towns.  Worcester does not have an “h” in it.



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