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The InVinceable Man

Today was a sad day for many in Patriots Nation.  We learned that veteran defenseman Vince Wilfork will not be picked up by the Patriots for the upcoming season.

There aren’t too many athletes I admire. Vince Wilfork is just one of the few that I do.  His farewell note left on Twitter brought tears to my eyes.  Although he will always be a Patriot, Vince will also be much more.  He is one classy dude who has lent a hand to everything from diabetes research to aiding financially challenged children with his very own foundation.  For many Christmases he was the standee wearing a Santa hat in various Eastern Banks where customers could come in with a donated toy and get their picture taken with the standee.  On a couple of occasions some were lucky enough to actually get their picture taken with the real thing.  He even came to the aid of a motorist involved in an accident.  And that was while heading home after being part of the AFC Championship win.

His face will be missed  on the field.

Vince, you will always be remembered and never forgotten.  I will still wear my Vince Wilfork t-shirt with pride.

We thank you for all you’ve done here in New England.  Although your future endeavors may never match what you’ve given Patriots Nation, I’m sure you’ll still be the great In”Vince”able Man wherever you may be.










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