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It’s Not How You Have The Baby

Once again the wonderful world of social media has reared its ugly head and stirred up a beehive that really didn’t need to be stirred up.

Apparently there is a Facebook page out there that was created which insinuates that if you brought a child into this world via C-section, then you didn’t give birth.  Uh-huh.



Face the facts, huh?  If us C-section mothers didn’t “give birth”, then what else would you call bringing a human life into this world?  Just getting cut open and pulling out a kid?  Get real.

What these extremists need to realize is that no matter HOW you bring a child into this world, via vagina, C-section, test tube, fairy dust, what is most important is how you mother that child.  I don’t care if you were in labor for 24 hours without an epidural.  If you abuse your child, it doesn’t seem too heroic, now does it?

Let’s not leave out all the adoptive mothers who never had the chance to either push their child into the world or have their kid pulled from their insides.  Does that make them any less mothers?  I don’t think so.

So, bitches, let’s put our birthing experiences aside.  One birthing method over another does not make any of us superior.  We all suffered some kind of pain.  And as mothers I think we really need to focus on what is most important:  our children and the best lives we can give them, not how we brought them into this world.



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