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I’m Special…I’m On TV

ESPN was once an honorable, credible, classy sports network.

But the most recent meltdown by their Twit In Training Brit McHenry makes me realize that those honorable, credible classy days are gone.

Following McHenry’s inhuman tirade to an employee at a towing company, all ESPN could do was suspend her for a week.  Basically their statement to others who think they are “above” everyone else:  you can berate another human being all you want, verbally abuse them, maybe even spit at them and you’ll just get a little slap on the wrist.

I don’t care if McHenry has a Doctorate in ass wiping.  She’s the real dummy in this scenario.  No one made her illegally park her car so she could go fill her smug little face with Chinese food.  That was her decision.  Then after her car got towed she cried “boo-hoo”.

She never admitted to doing anything wrong.  No siree.  Because she’s a big TV star.  And she matters.  Although most of us have never heard of her.  And she is breaking the law.  So because she’s embarrassed she was parked illegally and her car needed to be towed she belittled the employee at the towing company.  Because belittling someone who isn’t on TV sure makes those who are on TV feel so much better when they’re wrong.

The towing employee was just doing their job.  And they kept their cool.  Which is more than we can say for McHenry.

So what’s next for this Twit-who-thinks-she’s-better-than-everyone-else?  I hear she’s planning on shoplifting some prime jewelry because she thinks she can get away with it.  After all, she is on TV.



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