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Movie Review: Minion Me


Any movie-goer familiar with “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2” will be familiar with the odd-yet-adorable little yellow guys who do all of Gru’s dirty work.  Otherwise known as his “Minions”.  In “Minions” we learn the history of these creatures and how they came to live with Gru.

From the depths of the ocean to the Ice Age, these little guys spend their days searching for the perfect villain to serve.  Unfortunately, usually through their own fault, something happens to their new boss and the Minions move on to their next victim.

Frustrated with what they’ve become (or haven’t become) and the fact that they can’t seem to keep a leader around, Kevin, one of the more elongated Minions, steps forward and offers to go out into the world to find the perfect boss.  Cute little Bob volunteers to join him, much to Kevin’s reluctance.  The guitar-strumming Stewart gets thrown in, not seeming to understand what he’s just gotten himself into.

It’s the late 60’s and Kevin, Bob and Stewart find themselves in New York City.  While there they see an advertisement on TV for Villain-Con in Orlando.  That’s when they first set eyes on the beautiful but powerful Scarlet Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock).  The three buddies hitch a ride with a family of bank robbers heading to the same fan fest in Florida.  Once there they win over Scarlet and are given the opportunity to work for her.  Excited, Kevin, Bob and Stewart are flown to England and on the way they notify the other Minions of their success in finally finding a leader.

Scarlet’s plan to have the three yellow munchkins steal the royal crown backfires when Bob inadvertently pulls the sword from the stone and becomes King.  So much for Scarlet getting the crown.

The three Minions are thrown into the dungeon; they manage to escape.  Meanwhile, the Minions they left behind back in the Ice Age have just fled from a polar bear they had sought refuge with.  Of course, this is only after they accidentally kill him.

Much to England’s joy, Kevin, Bob and Stewart successfully overtake Scarlet, winning back the crown for the Queen.  By now the other Minions have met up with them and are there to witness Kevin being knighted, Stewart being presented with and destroying an electric guitar and Bob being given a crown for his teddy bear.  Yet the Minions are still without a boss.

In a final conflict they are faced with the ever powerful Scarlet, who has managed to once again swipe the Queen’s crown. That’s when we are introduced to a young Gru, who comes along and freezes Scarlet.  In the process he helps himself to the crown and promptly leaves the scene, with all the Minions following.

This is a great film for families with school-age children to see (I’d say ages 7 and up).  The kids may not get the music (tunes from all the 60’s greats can be heard:  The Doors, The Who, The Stones, The Monkees and of course The Beatles) but the parents will love it, as well as seeing the Jimi Hendrix autographed guitar and the comical Abbey Road scene.

And don’t be surprised if you suddenly crave bananas….




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