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Karma Is A Bitch

This whole “Ashley Madison” thing leaves me to wonder:  Are there really that many people out there unhappy in their current relationships?  Thirty-seven million people? I wonder how many of these people are in “open” relationships.  I wonder why they would want to be in an “open” relationship.

If you feel you must cheat on your significant other, why bother having a significant other?

Score:  Cheaters and Ashley – 0

Therapists of all kinds – 1



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One thought on “Karma Is A Bitch

  1. I’m not a Ashley Madison user, but I am cheating on my husband. I never set out to cheat on him. I do love him. He cheated on me last year for about 5 months – a real emotional and physical affair…he had admitted to her that he had had a couple of one night stands also, so, had to admit it to me, as well. I chose to stay before I even thought about it…before I processed what he did to me. I sought out advice / help from someone who had been where I had been and ended up realizing that my husband is never going to be what I need emotionally and that was okay before he did the unthinkable…I could deal with it before because at least he was faithful…yeah, I can’t deal with it so much now. I ended up caught up in my own affair with a guy that I do not love, but I love being with him. He fulfills things my husband can’t and won’t give me. I’d never ever have thought I’d have an affair. I am so not the affair type. But it happened. I love my husband with all my heart and don’t want to let go, but he also won’t give what I need….it’s a hard place to be in….so, while I don’t condone cheating, I sympathize.

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