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Failing The Child

Many adults and organizations failed little two-year-old Avalena.

First her parents, a couple of drug addicted criminals.  They are first to blame because if they hadn’t been the selfish losers that they are, more than likely Ava would still be alive.

DCF failed the little girl next when they placed her in a foster home with an incompetent foster mother.  Of course if DCF had done their job in the first place, did better screening of the foster parent and notified the foster parent’s landlord of the placement of the child, maybe Ava would still be alive.

Then there is the foster mother, Kim Malpass.  She’s almost as big a “winner” as poor Ava’s biological mother.  Apparently afraid she would have been rejected for housing in her subsidized apartment (and of course losing some money), she conveniently failed to tell the Auburn Housing Authority that in addition to her three biological children, she had taken in three foster kids.  Maybe if she had been a more responsible foster-mother, Ava would still be alive

And finally the Auburn Housing Authority failed Ava because it either never noticed that Malpass had too many people living in her little apartment or they did notice and just ignored it.  Because hey, rent money is rent money and after all, the kids need a place to live.  And in this case die.

So who is to blame for this poor child’s death and the hospitalization of another?  I’d say all four mentioned above are to blame.  They all had some kind of responsibility to keep these kids safe and they all failed.  Tremendously.

Sadly the only winner in this story is Ava.  At only two she had already endured way more than any child should.  At least she won’t have to grow up going from foster home to foster home, maybe eventually witnessing her mother’s overdose death, ending up abused and alone.  More than likely that’s the kind of life she may have been handed.  At least now she won’t have to live it.




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