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A Real Animal House

I don’t usually dis places of business but tonight’s experience with a certain business has left me fuming.

After struggling to get two cats into two pet carriers to take them to the vet, we then traveled 15 minutes having to listen to their meowing all the way.  That was no big deal.

We arrived 15 minutes early for our 6:00 p.m. appointment.  There were two people and a dog present and the office person/nurse/whatevershewas was conversing with a man about where to bury his pet.  We took a seat and waited patiently with the two cats.  By now the cats had been in the carriers nearly 30 minutes.  Finally the office person was done talking to the man who wants to bury his pet.  I gave her the names of the cats, there for a 6:00 appointment.  She asked if we brought a stool sample.  We did and I gave it to her.

I sat back down.  She told me that one of the cats would need his shots.  I already knew this because they told me on the phone when I made the appointment for 6:00 p.m.

More time passed.  The two people who were in there when we arrived had their dog brought back to them from a back room.  A man and a woman who had been standing in the waiting room for almost as long as we had been there were told to bring in their dog.  My first thought was “your dog has been sitting out in the car all this time”?  After they brought in their dog to get weighed, in walked another man and woman without any pets.

By now we had been there for nearly 45 minutes.  Then the office person turns to me and says, “Oh, you’ll have to reschedule because your appointment was at 5:20.”

“That’s impossible because I would never have made an appointment for that time, since I wouldn’t have been able to make it here in time.  I know it was clearly for 6:00.  You even called to confirm yesterday and said it was 6:00.”

Then another twit piped up and snidely said, “Well, you could wait 40 minutes and the doctor may be able to see them.”

WHAT?  By now the cats are about ready to jump out of the carriers and I’m about ready to smash some heads.

“Forget it,” I said and we grabbed the carriers with the cats in them and left, announcing as we headed out the door that we would be going somewhere else.

If Wickaboag only wants to cater to dogs, then they should say that.  Apparently they were more interested in servicing people with dogs than people with cats.  But what I really didn’t like was being lied to, especially after making us wait 45 minutes.  Think about it.  If our appointment was REALLY for 5:20 (which it wasn’t), WHY would she have even asked if we had a stool sample?  Wouldn’t she had told us right away that we were late?

I’ve been going to Wickaboag Veterinary Clinic for my various pets for over twenty years.  My two cats were established there.  Not anymore.  On to another vet, one who will actually take the time to care for my cats.




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