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A Closure For Bella

As someone who longed for a child for almost ten years before being given the gift of a beautiful daughter, I struggle to fathom how any parent can take a miracle they created, their own flesh and blood, a fucking life, and just throw it away.  Literally.  In a trash bag.  That was Baby Doe’s story.  Today Baby Doe’s story came to an end.

We now know that Baby Doe is Bella Bond.  She was barely three years old when murdered.  And like so many other children before her, and unfortunately many that will come after her, so many avenues that could have saved her failed her.  Her “parents”.  Her “relatives”.  And don’t forget good ol’ DCF.  That organization is such a joke and should entirely be disbanded and restructured.

What happened to Bella should never happen to a child.  As sad as it is, at least Bella can say she’s in a much better place than her “parents” will be.




I'm a writer. I'm also a wife and a parent who works too much and lives too little. In addition to writing I also love to read, listen to music, travel, cook, I enjoy looking for bargains at flea markets or thrift stores, Christmas, football and of course writing! How did I come up with the title of my blog? Two things: 1. I live in New England (duh) and 2. Canadian singer Alan Frew once arrogantly told me to "get a New England life"--again--DUH! I already HAVE one!

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