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An Old Touch To A New Thing

An interesting marketing concept is catching on:  why don’t we feature 80’s pop stars singing lines from their 80’s hits in 2015 commercials.  Hm….it could work.  After all, the people we are targeting grew up listening to this music so why not?

That’s why you’re seeing the band Europe singing “The Final Countdown” in a Geico commercial as an office worker patiently waits for his burrito to finish cooking in the microwave (get it–the final countdown)?  Then there is Rick Astley jumping out of a cake belting “Never Gonna Give You Up” at the tail end of a cell phone provider commercial.  Bank of America has Billy Idol representing them with their “more, more, more” campaign.

I’m not sure these commercial spots are going to do the trick in enticing my generation to “drink the Kool-Aid” as consumers, but at least I can say they are entertaining.



I'm a writer. I'm also a wife and a parent who works too much and lives too little. In addition to writing I also love to read, listen to music, travel, cook, I enjoy looking for bargains at flea markets or thrift stores, Christmas, football and of course writing! How did I come up with the title of my blog? Two things: 1. I live in New England (duh) and 2. Canadian singer Alan Frew once arrogantly told me to "get a New England life"--again--DUH! I already HAVE one!

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