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Don’t Be Offended By the Offended

Last week the Milford, CT school district took it upon themselves to stop a Halloween tradition from occurring in their schools.  They decided to cancel the annual school-wide Halloween parade as they found it excludes (read as “offends”) some children of different religious and cultural beliefs (read as “the handful of Jehovahs who don’t want anyone to have any fun”).  They didn’t even mention the children who are allergic to everything under the sun (including nuts of any kind and chocolate), nor did they bring up diabetic or obese children.

Okay.  So the kids and staff can’t dress up and have a parade.  How about candy?  Nope.  None of it was happening at the schools.  Only fall-related themes could take place in the classrooms with no food.  I don’t know if they were actually banning trick-or-treating in the town itself or not.  That may be another story.

To make up for it, some creative mind came up with the lame idea of a “Trunk Or Treat” night.  What the fuck is THAT?

Halloween is a child’s rite of passage.  For one day out of the year kids are allowed to become someone they may have always wanted to be.  They get to play dress up and show it off for everyone.  Do these offended parents not let their children participate in “dress up” play in their own homes?  Do they not let their children play house or any other pretend games?  If that is the case, I feel for those children and the lack of imaginations they will have as adults.  Aside from the dressing up part, most children do enjoy a piece of candy now and then.  Yes, I understand the concern some parents may have regarding candy consumption (for various reasons).  But what is the harm in wearing a costume?

This isn’t 1692 any longer, people.  Wake up and smell the candy.  For some Halloween may still hold a religious significance, since there is documentation that it did originate as a Pagan festival.  For the majority of us, however, we’re just looking for some good old-fashioned Halloween fun.  Maybe a trick or two.  Certainly a few treats.  We’re not looking to cast any spells.

Fortunately for the children of the Milford, CT schools this has a happy ending.  Due to the constant barraging of parents complaining about this insane decision, the cancellation was reversed and the party is on!  So kids, go dress up like Elsa and the Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Batman, Whoopie Cushion Man.  For those who don’t want to dress up or participate, boo on you.  That’s your choice and it’s a happy memory you will be missing out on.

I’m wondering what next month’s offense is going to be.  Probably some vegans and vegetarians protesting against the majority of us eating turkey…



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