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Ban This!

Interesting how someone questioned why they couldn’t access a Facebook page and thought they had been “banned”, when in reality the personal page had been changed to a group fan-based page.  No, nobody had been “banned” from that page.  However, rock stars shouldn’t lie to their fans when they tell them they’ve never banned anyone from anything.  Really?  Never banned anyone, eh? Think again.

Taken from Chapter 10 of “How I Pissed Off A Rock Star”. The Chapter is appropriately titled “Banned”.

That evening I went to sign on to Colin’s message board. For whatever reason I could not get in. It said I needed to register. I signed on under my husband’s name and I got in. I saw that my name was still listed on the MB and my posts were all there.

It suddenly occurred to me that I had been banned from Finley’s web site. Although I had a feeling it was probably related to something I wrote on my own web site.

Yes, folks, this is completely true.  Whether you want to believe it or not.  I really was banned from Alan Frew’s website.  And it wasn’t even because of something I said on his site.  I had written it on MY site.  Yeah, so much for freedom of speech.  Watch out the next time you write to the opinion page of your newspaper.  They may ban you from reading the paper ever again.


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