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Maybe I Just Don’t Want To

After serious thought and a few conversations with a friend and some nosy-bodies who feel it’s their business to make my business THEIR business, I felt it necessary to comment on the reasons why I am not planning on attending any of Alan Frew’s shows on his upcoming tour for “80290 Rewind”.

Back on October 27, 2015 Frew mentioned how he was signing his CDs, getting ready for release day.  I said to him “sign mine ‘Hamish’, slap your last name on there and draw the flying Elvis.  I’m serious”.  Well, I really wasn’t.  Why would I want a CD with the name “Hamish” on it?  I think it’s a farce to his credibility that Frew is now suddenly refusing to sign his last name (though he says he’s only been signing his first name for years, which, of course, we know is bullshit.  I digress…).  Who wants an autograph with just someone’s FIRST name?  I can see it if you’re Prince or Madonna.  But Alan Frew?  Anyone who doesn’t know who he is (yes, there really are people who don’t) will ask “who the fuck is Alan”?

So in response to my request Frew in effect said that everyone was getting the same signature and that if I wanted it signed “Hamish” I could get it signed that way when I go to a show.  Which makes me wonder if he really did sign all the CDs or was it manufactured that way like some artists do?  In comparing my CD with a copy of my friend’s, as well as a few pictures of signed CDs I’ve seen, I’d say that could be the case.  Is someone’s writing really going to look the same every time, on every CD?  Also, what made him think I’d want to go to a show?  Just because I’d been to one before?  Which led me to say:

“Well, then I guess I won’t be getting it signed”.

At that point you’d think the world caved in for him.  He started asking me all kinds of questions about why I wouldn’t be going to a show.  Of course he promptly deleted (or had his minions delete) part of the conversation we had, obviously because he felt it was making him look, um, I dunno, maybe pushy?  He asked me if it had to do with his new CD.

So I then said:  “It has nothing to do with your music.  Even if this was a CD of all new material, I still wouldn’t go to a show.”

Then Frew asked:  Did u not enjoy GT at Seneca?  Would u go see GT again?

I replied:  I did like the GT show in Seneca and even the one I saw in Richmond.  But no, I wouldn’t go to another GT show again, either.  And even if I did, why would I bring a pre-signed CD with me so you could write “Hamish” on it?  Sorry, Alan, but you can’t just assume someone is going to go to one of your shows simply because they’ve gone many times before.  Just like people can’t assume you are coming to their town to do a show because you’ve been there before.  Sometimes people just aren’t physically or mentally able to do it any longer.

So I thought that was the end of it.  Nope.  He took it to Twitter and sent me a private message there:

Mich my assuming I may see you at a show again meant no harm it was just a casual sort of hope I could sign Hamish for you. I of course would happily give you one not resign an old one and never say never perhaps one day I will get the chance to cross that border again and get nearer than you having to travel so far.  I tell you this if I do sign one Hamish it will be the only one.  Is it more difficult to travel now?

I replied:  I’m still able to travel, Alan.  Why don’t we just leave it at this:  maybe I’ll go to a show, maybe I won’t, OK?  We’ll see what happens.  Thanks.

To get back to what I was initially talking about, here are my reasons (or excuses, if you want to call them that), for not going to see Alan Frew perform on this “80290 Rewind” tour.

  1.  As of this writing, I’m not even certain there is going to be a “tour”.
  1. Although I’m sure he put a lot of effort into it and the songs on the CD are okay, I feel they would sound better performed by the original artists.  Even then I’m not sure I’d pay to hear them performed live.  If the whole concert is going to be mainly songs from that CD?  Not worth the trip to me.
  1. I don’t have the time
  1. What if something happened and once I got there the show didn’t happen?  It’s not like Canada is just a hop, skip and jump away.
  1. Been there, done that.  It was fun at one point in time but that was then, this is now.

6.  I’m sure we’d be hearing about the stroke that he had back in August.  Key word:  “had”  Personally I’m sick of               hearing about it.  You’re moving on with your music, move on from the stroke.  Please.

7.  Fearful of not knowing what to expect.  I’m sure it’s going to be emotional for him and I’m not sure I want that to be the last thing I remember about Alan Frew.

8. At this writing, I simply don’t want to.




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