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If you visited a fast food restaurant today, your service may have been worse than usual.  That’s because at many of those restaurants the employees were protesting once again for a $15.00 minimum wage.

Folks, on the surface a $15.00 minimum wage sounds great.  It would aid those people making less than that now in paying their bills and putting food on their tables.  Yeah, that would be great.  For a very brief period of time.  What everyone is missing is the big picture.

Let’s assume workers at McDonald’s get a $15.00 minimum wage.  Fine.  We won’t discuss their qualifications because nobody is really considering that.  Two blocks from that McDonald’s is an investment firm where Suzy Q Administrative Assistant is also making $15.00 an hour.  How fair is it that she should have to bust her ass day in and day out, answering phones, running errands, filing, photocopying, ordering supplies, answering stupid questions, helping people with technical issues and get paid only $15.00 an hour when someone at the McDonald’s down the street is getting paid the same for simply flipping burgers?  Shit, Suzy should quit the job at the investment firm and go get a job at MickyD’s.  It’s easier work for the same pay.

Unfortunately because MickyD’s has had to give an increase in wages to their employees, they have also had to increase the cost of food.  Because a Happy Meal is now $10.00 in other places than Manhattan, patronage to McDonald’s drops off considerably.  The popular fast-food chain takes a serious financial hit.  They are forced to lay off some of those employees who were making $15.00 and they also have to close some of their restaurants.  See how the whole $15.00 minimum wage thing will trickle down and create a disaster?

There will always be unskilled labor and there will also always be unskilled laborers who are willing to do the unskilled labor.  We all start at the bottom.  It’s the ones who want to achieve more in their lives who move up the ladder.  Those who don’t are the ones standing on the sidewalk whining about $15.00.



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