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It’s What’s Inside That Counts

It would be amazing if a day could go by without someone bitching and complaining or protesting about some stupid thing.

Most recently it has been people being in a tizzy over the fact that—gasp—Starbucks only has red cups this year, with no festive holiday design.  Donald Trump is encouraging patrons to boycott the overpriced café because of this little gaffe.  I say “who gives a fuck”.  As long as what is in the damn cup is the seven dollar latte that you ordered and it’s made correctly.  Isn’t that really what matters?  You’re drinking what is IN the cup.  Not the cup ITSELF.  Who cares if it’s got little snowflakes on the outside of the cup, a green wreath in the center with the word “JOY” on it or a fucking flying reindeer?  It’s not going to change the price of your coffee or make the damn shit taste any better!

Another “get a grip” moment:  the people complaining about an ugly holiday sweater being sold at Target.  The sweater reads “OCD OBSESSIVE CHRISTMAS DISORDER”.  I have actually seen this same slogan all over Facebook for years. It is also printed on mugs, tote bags, etc.  I have actually seen it where it says “I HAVE OCD:  OBSESSIVE CHRISTMAS DISORDER”.  But because of the OCD mentioned on the sweater, people who have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are up-in-arms over this sweater.  This sweater has nothing to do with them.  It is a cute little slogan and if the OCD were not part of the sweater, if it just said OBSESSIVE CHRISTMAS DISORDER, many people wouldn’t pay any attention to it.  Well, I have news for you, folks.  Those three letters—“OCD”—is called an acronym.  If you go on and enter in OCD, you will find 67 different meanings for OCD.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is not even the first one mentioned.  Try it with PMS also.

Now that’s all we need:  a bunch of PMSing women getting pissed off because they have PMS and someone decided to use the acronym for a t-shirt that says “Pass My Shotgun”.



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