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Don’t Text Me, I’ll Text You

I’m not one of those women who texts someone (usually a male significant other) and then gets all bent out of shape when I don’t get a text right back.  First of all, I don’t text my significant other because he never uses his cell phone.  If I have something I need to say to him, I’ll call him at work.  Even if I did text my significant other and he didn’t text me back right away, it wouldn’t bother me.  I’d rather talk to him in person.

This is why I’m having trouble understanding why most of the women I know have such anxiety when it comes to receiving a text back, especially when it comes to men.  Are these women that insecure that they feel if they don’t get a message back right away something is wrong with them or the relationship they may be having with this guy?  What they need to understand is that texting isn’t an automatic in for replying.  These women should start to think of text messages like messages left on an answering machine or voice mail.  They don’t necessarily need or will be replied to.  They should understand that it’s possible their text was never received.  There is even the possibility that (gasp!) the other person is busy doing something more important (maybe driving or God forbid, sleeping?) and can’t text you back immediately.  What?  You think you are more important than anything else?  No wonder he hasn’t texted you back yet!

Ladies, be patient.  While you’re waiting for your man to text you back (if he ever does), why don’t you shoot off a text to your girlfriends and you can all complain to each other about how long it takes for the men in your lives to return your texts.  Meanwhile I’ll be at home sitting in front of my husband having a conversation–face-to-face.



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