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Why I Bought My Daughter An American Girl Doll For Christmas

Reading an article posted on about why the author wasn’t going to purchase her daughter an American Girl Doll for Christmas prompted me to write about why I did purchase one for my daughter.

When Melanie first began asking I immediately thought “no way”.  Although they are very beautiful dolls, each one with a history background behind it or something to learn from it, which adds to the education factor, they are also not cheap.  Price aside it was the kind of American Girl doll she wanted which prompted me.

Melanie loves to cook.  If she could only have one channel to watch it would be Food Network.  Her favorite show is “Cutthroat Kitchen” and she idolizes Alton Brown.  Her dream is to own a restaurant one day.  In fact, if she could she would own it now.  However, she is only ten.  So it didn’t shock me when she began telling me all about the American Girl Doll of the Year Grace Thomas.  After visiting the web site and reading that Grace is a “big-ideas girl who makes baking her business”, it immediately reminded me of my daughter.  Not only was Melanie familiar with the doll, she had also read several of Grace’s books.  My understanding is that Grace lives in Boston and her mother’s sister, who lives in Paris, owns a French bakery.  The sister ends up having a baby so Grace and her mother go to Paris to help out.  Grace ends up working in the French bakery.  Grace and her visit to Paris has caused my daughter to become interested in all things French:  French food, the language, berets.  I felt between her love for cooking and an opportunity to learn about a different culture, added with the fact that she has done exceptionally well in school and at home this year, the purchase would be well deserved.

I drew the line at purchasing the actual French bakery.  I figured the $500.00 could go towards the down payment on Melanie’s restaurant.  However, I did get Grace.  And her “welcome gifts”, which include some French pastries and a cute little beret.  And because of my daughter’s new-found love for France and Grace, I got her a matching beret.  Like doll, like owner.  Surprisingly I didn’t have to mortgage the house.  Because of when I purchased it I got it twenty percent off and free shipping.  Everything for $150.00.  Yeah smart shopper me!




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