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Win As A Team, Lose As A Team

Like many other Patriots fans, I’m passionate about this team. They’re a great bunch of hardworking, talented athletes who, despite a lot of setbacks this season, still managed to make it to their conference championship game.  Which is a lot more than 28 other teams can say.  Most teams in our injured shoes wouldn’t have made it past 500.

As disappointing as it was to lose, let’s remember it’s a football game. A team will win, a team will lose. No one individual wins on their own; no one individual loses on their own. It’s not fair for players to blame themselves or their teammates for a loss. Just as it’s wrong for the ego-driven athlete to feel the win was solely because of him.

I would still take our kicker, QB, TE, CB, coach, owner and whole rest of the team over any other in the NFL. After our first championship win, I decided it was great to win and if we never won again, so be it. But we have won again and we WILL win AGAIN.

As for Super Bowl 50, well, Cocky Cam and Lightbulb Head can duke it out in San Fran. All I can say about that one is “KARMA’S A BITCH”.








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