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Another Day, Another Bomb Threat

Is it just me or does it seem like not a day can go by without some sort of bomb threat at one of our schools?

Today’s latest in Mashpee prompted the Mashpee Middle-High School to be evacuated and the students were sent home, with afternoon and evening events being cancelled.  In the past month over a dozen Massachusetts schools have faced the same situation.  Most of the threats are coming in via an automated “robocall”.

The disruption and anxiety these incidents have caused is uncalled for.  Gone are the days when schools simply practiced fire drills.  It really puts the state of the world into perspective for me when the elementary school your child goes to holds their first “serious threat evacuation” (i.e., bomb threat, shooter).  Upon learning about this my daughter, who has Asperger’s and extremely high anxiety, fretted for days on end.  She didn’t even want to go to school on the evacuation day.  She felt better after learning all she would need to do was walk down to the end of the school yard.

I’ve even faced this in my own work environment.  Although I don’t visit the office frequently, on a recent day when I was there we were promptly told at 4:30 to “get out of the building ASAP” as there was various “crime-related” activity going on in the neighborhood.  I sensed my own anxiety walking to the parking lot which was filled with a heavy police presence.

Maybe it’s because people have run out of constructive things to do?  Is it all the opiates talking?  What is causing people to live their lives with the sole purpose of trying to ruin other people’s lives?  Can’t they just ruin their own lives and leave ours alone?




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