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Although I had been banned under my name, I could still access Colin’s message board. I just couldn’t post any messages. So when I went on to the site the following day I saw that Finley had decided to take a hit at me with a post he wrote:

I’m sure every artist faces on their respective websites the time when things get openly offensive, disruptive and eventually well…boring.

At last he was admitting his site was boring.

I know I leave myself open to scrutiny in everything I do. You do not have to like me or my music. Don’t think you can come here or create your own site and say anything you feel like and be welcomed back on to this site. I am not a proponent of censorship, but it makes zero sense to create a site and have everyone come along for the ride regardless of what they are saying. Tell me you don’t like my music, my clothes, something I said at a show and you will still be welcomed here for I am not beyond criticism.

I thought about that for a minute. If anyone ever DARED say anything about Colin’s anything-music, clothes, etc. they’d hear about it from the fans. Sometimes even Colin himself. I recalled a post someone had put on his site only a few months before regarding one of his shows and how the person thought Colin could have put more pizzazz into his performance. Colin shot back to the person with a rude comment about “if they didn’t like the way he performed, they could shove it up their ass”.

He wrote on: I know how to hit the delete button. It never ceases to amaze me when people just can’t sit back, enjoy the music and go home happy. Instead they have to learn what you had for dinner last night or what kind of socks you’re wearing and then dangerously…how you live.

Hold it. I never ever wanted to know what he ate, his sock size, what kind of shampoo he uses, nothing. But I knew a lot who did know this stuff—for a fact—because they saw what he ate, saw what he wore, saw what kind of shampoo he used. And they told me. Sometimes I didn’t even have to ask. He never flinched when he told us at his convention that he wore briefs. “And then dangerously…how you live”? The only thing dangerous about how Colin lived were the drugs and booze he used and the fact that he had sex without condoms. If he wanted to live like that, it was his problem and he could certainly have it.

Saddest of all if they can’t find out the truth, they make up their own.

Huh? I didn’t make anything up. In fact, some information was even obtained from a guy who worked for Colin’s “wife”. He was the same guy who told Kayla that Finley and Ingrid don’t always live together!

Then stupid Rosemary responded to his post. Of course she acted like he was God. Then again, this was coming from a woman who admitted she’d love to sleep with him.

Rosemary: Way to go, Colin. It’s great to see you speak out.
Yeah, as opposed to letting his manager stuff her hand up his ass and speak for him, right?

The remainder of her post had me in stitches:

Everything you said is so true. You must have a very high IQ in order to be able to write such wonderful lyrics. And you have a voice that is very soothing to the ears. You’re very talented in every way. Not too many people could do what you’re doing as a career and stay as grounded as you are. You’re an awesome performer and an awesome person. Love a very loyal fan and always will be today and tomorrow. Colin, have a great day. Keep smiling.

Can you say “kiss up”? I could see Finley’s head exploding as his ego inflated more and more.

From that point on, things began to get really heated on Colin’s site. In fact, his site hadn’t been this much fun since I had joined it almost a year-and-a-half before.

My husband deleted his account. Not that he posted much anyway. He was followed by Kayla, Corinne, Kate and Sophia. For kicks I attempted to get into Candy’s account on the message board. Of course I figured out her password so once I was in, I deleted her account too!

Before they deleted their accounts, everyone had a field day posting messages on the board in support of me. Kayla left a post stating, “It takes a little man to have a big ego”. That left Colin speechless.

I sat at my work computer helpless as Colin and my supportive posse bantered back and forth. It was quite comical to watch this all take place. Even funnier was seeing Colin Finley come unglued.



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