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You Can’t Fix Idiots–But You Can Refuse to Vote For Them

I’m really glad that Donald Trump is running for president.  Being the TV celebrity he is has brought the humor and the drama to what is normally a very dull setting.  All he needs to do now is tell Ted Cruz he’s “fired”.

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I shudder at even the remote possibility of Trump being the next President of the United States.  Not only because of his arrogant ways but because if he became the next President, it would tell me that America is mostly made up of true blue idiots.  And they would’ve just voted in their King Idiot to lead them.  That entire scenario scares the shit out of

I like to think President Obama is correct when he says that Trump will not be the next leader because he has “faith in the American people”.  Hopefully the majority of them are smart enough to realize that the presidency is indeed a “serious job”.  It’s not meant for a person who wears a mop on their head, has filed bankruptcy four times, has been married three times and is best known for telling B-list celebrities that they are “fired”.

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All Trump could say in retaliation to Obama’s statement was that he feels Obama has done a “lousy job”.  Funny how Trump couldn’t elaborate on that.




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