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Why I’m So Glad Chris Christie Is Hangin’ With The Donald

Is it just me or does anyone else think the main reason why Chris Christie suddenly jumped on the Trump bandwagon was so he’d maybe have a slight chance in Hell of getting a VP nomination?  It’s pretty obvious.

What I love about Christie’s endorsement of One Of The Biggest Assholes To Ever Walk The Earth is that Christie unknowingly is going to be the one who pulls the plug and sinks the ship.  You have the ring master and his elephant and the elephant isn’t going to stay quiet.  The elephant isn’t used to staying quiet.  He refuses to stay quiet.  Tonight the elephant realized it after he introduced the ringmaster before his speech.

Now we have this image running through our heads:


To your credit, Mr. Governor, if we vote for Trump and he’s elected as the next President of the Already Great United States, you won’t be the only one who is fucked.



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