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A “What If” Scenario

Whenever someone complains about the job that Obama has done, I stop and wonder how that person would feel if McCain had been the President for the past eight years.  I shudder at the mere thought of Sarah Palin being the Vice President.  What if he had become President?  Where would we be?  Would we be better off?  We probably wouldn’t be making cars in Detroit any longer, that’s for certain.  But that’s okay because we’d still be able to see Russia from Alaska.  At this point in the game we’d probably have fewer hospitals, with more going belly up or consolidating with other hospitals to try to stay afloat.  Our healthcare system would be far beyond any kind of reform help.  I can only imagine what kind of mess the nation would be in.  Would we have found Bin Laden?  Who knows.  Palin would probably still be trying to decipher the alphabet.

In looking at the current electoral debacle, what if Donald Trump does indeed become President of the United States?  Again, I shudder at the thought.

He wants this, he wants that, he wants a wall built by Mexicans, igloos built by Eskimos, stripes on leopards, spots on zebras and immigrants out of the country. What he doesn’t say is how he plans on doing all of that.  You can’t force people to build a wall, just as you can’t force zebras to wear spots.  One thing Donald is going to have to learn is that even as President, you don’t always get what you want.  I think if his presidency did happen, there would be a lot of tantrums in the Oval Office.

I think a lot of people, Donald included, forget that the President doesn’t have a magic wand that is waved and POOF!  Everything America wants is there.  Everything has to go through Congress.  If the President can’t get Congress to work with him, nothing gets done.  Considering how Trump has thrown Congress under the bus time and time again, it would be interesting to see how much he accomplishes.  You think Obama has had a tough time getting things through?  You ain’t seen nothing yet!






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