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What We Were NOT Doing In The 80’s

There are several websites out there that ask “what were you doing in the 80’s”.

Instead of thinking about what we WERE doing in the 80’s, I pondered about everything we WEREN’T doing.

For starters we weren’t using cellphones to text or call our friends. We didn’t use them to web surf either because we didn’t HAVE cellphones. If we were on the road and needed to call home, we had to find a pay phone.

We weren’t channel surfing through 955 TV channels because there weren’t that many channels to watch and chances are you didn’t have a remote to surf with. We had about three main channels to watch, including UHF, if we were lucky to get good reception.   If you wanted to watch something, you had to get up off your ass and actually GO TO THE TV to turn it on, turn the dial and adjust the router or rabbit ears for a better picture.

Nobody was removing scratches from CDs because we were too busy rewinding our cassettes or fixing the needle on the record player.

Most everyone I knew never wore a seatbelt and we never avoided the bed of a pickup either.

We weren’t inside playing on the computer because we didn’t have one.

When we were inside playing videogames it was on a state-of-the-art Sega system, not high def Xboxes.

There wasn’t any streaming of anything on Netflix or Spotify. There were no music purchases from ITunes or Amazon.

We may not have been doing much in the 80’s, at least by the millennial standards, but we had more fun doing it.







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