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Keep Your Rhodey Heads Up

Okay, so Rhode Island’s “Cooler and Warmer” slogan campaign didn’t go over so well.  Neither did the video footage of Iceland.  I know it gets cold in Rhode Island but seriously…

While the public is anxiously awaiting a new, hopefully much better slogan (apparently it was decided to keep the sailboat picture), let’s reflect on what the nation’s smallest state already has to offer, even without an official slogan:

  1.  Some of the best beaches in New England
  2. Quahogs
  3. Wright’s Chicken Farm
  4. the Farrelly brothers
  5. Lite Rock 105 – Heather and Steve is the best AM radio show around
  6. Newport and all its mansions
  7. Providence and the Water Fire
  8. Salty Brine and the Salty Brine Beach
  9. the Bristol 4th of July Parade
  10. Twin River Casino

I think when a new slogan comes about this entire “Cooler and Warmer” thing will be forgotten.  Unless the newest video promotion depicts a small fishing village in Norway.



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