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The Quiet Hour

Every store should follow the example of British store Asda Living.

This store has adopted a “quiet hour” during which all music, TV’s, escalators and other annoying background noises normally heard while shopping will be shut down.  This is being done to accommodate autistic patrons, as well as anyone else who wishes to shop in peace.

I have an autistic sister and I can attest to how difficult it can be to shop with her in most stores.  Even worse is trying to eat in a noisy restaurant, especially one with music blaring.  And public restrooms that only have hand dryers are a problem for my daughter who has Asperger’s.  The noise from the hand dryers is so loud for her she simply just wipes her hands on her clothes.  Having the option of paper towels is nice but unfortunately a lot of places don’t offer them.

I wish Walmart would consider a “quiet hour”, as well as establish some kind of dress code.  There’s nothing worse than shopping among people wearing bunny slippers and pajama bottoms while listening to “Puff The Magic Dragon”.



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