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Why I’m Not Concerned

Although it looks like Tom Brady will be forced to serve some kind of suspension, whether it be four games or less, I’m not concerned. Here’s why:

  1.  Tom missed way more than four games during the 2008 season. As half-ass a QB back-up Cassell was, he still managed to give us a record of 11-5. Yes, we missed the playoffs. But that was under Cassell. For the entire season. This will be four games under Jimmy G, a much better QB than Cassell.
  2. The first four games are against either pure shit teams or meh teams. Arizona has a meh QB in Carson Palmer.
  3. It may not even be four games.
  4. We have quite argumentatively the greatest coach in NFL history.
  5. We have quite argumentatively the greatest TE in the NFL
  6. Butler can intercept a football and Collins can high-jump a front line
  7. Within the past few months we’ve obtained some huge free agent talent
  8. This is a TEAM, not a bunch of individuals
  9. We have the best owner in the NFL
  10. They are the Patriots

Yeah, it doesn’t please me to know Tom will be missing some time because Goodell and his minions are a bunch of dickheads. As I always say, everything happens for a reason. I’m not hoping anything happens to Tom but consider if it did. Wouldn’t it be better now to get Jimmy G prepared for what he eventually will be inheriting than just tossing him into the fire? Tom may be QB King and he may want to play until he’s 50 but he can’t play forever.



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