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What Makes One Hate Another?

Hate.  It’s not a nice feeling to have.  It’s not a nice word to use, especially towards another human being.  Yet we’ve all felt it at one time or another, whether it be towards a food, a song or yes, another person.

The other night a young psycho in Charleston, South Carolina hated so much he felt it was necessary to kill innocent people.  But what made him become so absorbed in hate that he had to kill?  What was he so angry about?  None of those people had done anything to him.  Even if they had, it wouldn’t justify being killed.

If the shooter had been black and the victims white it wouldn’t justify being killed.

If the shooter had been a woman and the victims all men it wouldn’t justify being killed.

If the shooter had been Jewish and the victims all Muslims it wouldn’t justify being killed.

I could go on and on and on…

Until I no longer walk the Earth, I will always fathom why people cannot get along.  As humans we all have so much in common:  we are all born, we all die, we all eat, sleep, defecate, bleed, breathe, get sick, sweat, etc.  Why does it matter what our sex, religion or race is?  Why would any of those factors cause another human being to hate so much?

In many cases hate starts at home.  This nut states he was “not raised in a racist environment”.  He’s attributing his actions to the Martin/Zimmerman incident and the fact he wanted to start a “race war”.  Whatever his reasons, it cannot bring back the lives he took.  It cannot make him any less a crazed gunman.

What this heinous crime can do for the rest of us is to make us stop and think about our fellow human being.  Before acting on your hate, ask yourself if you would like it if the tables were turned and the hate was acted on you.  You will begin to see others in a different light.




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