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The Greatness of America

When most people decide to protest against Donald Trump they may show up at one of his rallies and taunt him or his supporters.  Twenty-two-year-old Long Islander Krystal Lake decided to take her protesting of Trump to a new level.

She sent money to a company for a custom-made baseball cap.  The slogan on her cap states “America Was Never Great”.  Considering that Lake works at Home Depot, not exactly an establishment known for paying their employees handsomely, I hope she feels that was money well spent.

I contribute Lake’s youth to her lack of intelligence and arrogance.  If she truly wanted to make a statement against Trump, she should have had a cap made that read “America Is All Ready Great” to go against his slogan of “Make America Great Again”.

What is great about America is that idiots like Lake and Trump are certainly allowed to their opinions.  If Trump thinks he can “make America great again”, go for it.  But he needs to remember that it’s kind of difficult to make a country great again when it was all ready great to begin with.  If Lake feels that “America was never great”, then maybe she should live in another country.  I hear the Middle East is a hot rental commodity, especially Syria.

Maybe then she’ll see how great America has always been.



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