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Whatever You May Be, May Your Pee Flow Free

Although I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole transgender thing, I’m proud to say my state is one of a large handful who have passed a bill allowing people to use the bathroom of their choice.

So now if you really are a male, with a penis, but feel and dress like a female, who would normally have a vagina, then you may use the women’s room.  If you are a female, with a vagina, but feel and dress like a male, who would normally have a penis, then you may use the men’s room.

Going further, if you were a male and had a complete sex change and are now a female, well, of course you’re going to use the women’s room.  Naturally if you were once a female and had a complete sex change and are now a male, you’re going to christen one of those porcelain urinals.  Your dream is to use the “trough” at Fenway, right?  Go for it!

Even better: the bill has a provision that the Attorney General’s office issue guidance for potential legal action against “any person who asserts gender identity for an improper purpose.” Basically a cushion for those afraid the “bathroom bill” would be abused by perverts wanting to get their jollies in the women’s room.  Or even women perverts wanting to get their jollies in the men’s room.

Any woman whoever attended an event at the DCU Center when it was called the “Centrum” can attest to the fact that us women have indeed used the men’s restroom.  It was due to the fact that the line for the women’s room was way too long, so they actually established a men’s room as a women’s room, urinals and all.  One time it may have been due to construction going on in the building.  But I do recall being in the men’s room, in a stall, thinking “well, this is kinda funky”, thinking how awkward it would be if there were actually men standing outside the stalls using the urinals!

One time at a rest stop on a highway in who-knows-where my husband did a double-take when he went into what clearly stated was the “men’s” room.  But when he came out the sign had magically changed to say “women”.  That’s when he discovered that it was due to the cleaning woman.  Basically when she was cleaning what was really the “men’s” room, she changed the sign to “women”, as she was a woman herself.  This way no men would walk in and take her for some kind of weirdo.  This also explained why there were no urinals in the “men’s” room

Finally there are those “unisex” bathrooms you find in a lot of convenience stores.  You know the kind.  One big room with a single toilet and sink.  For males and females.  In that case wouldn’t it be fair to say that as human beings, both males and females, we are all using the same loo?

Maybe that’s what it will eventually come down to:  one stall for all so whatever you may be, your pee can flow free.



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