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Where Will He Be When The Bomb Drops?

In the shadow of the Orlando mass shootings Trump has certainly proven what kind of “leader” he would be during catastrophic times.  It’s obvious he’d be the first one hiding when the bomb drops.

As with most things in life, you can’t blame everyone or everything for the acts of a few evil assholes.  Pointing the finger at people of the Muslim religion and declaring you will ban them from the United States may seem like a great, if ridiculous, idea on the surface.  It would be interesting to see how well it wouldn’t work.  It also wouldn’t change the fact that before you turn around, another mass shooting will have happened, this time led by a white Catholic woman who once was a nun.  Oh my.  Now what?  We must ban all white Catholic women, especially nuns and former nuns?

What happens when an extremely rich, pompous, white businessman decides he wants to blow some people away?  Maybe he’s angry with his former employer.  Maybe he lost a bundle on Wall Street.  It has happened.  Does that mean we should round up all the other rich, pompous, white businessmen and ban them?

If that’s the case, Trump should be the first to go.



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