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Not Too Cool

The latest media tactic to offend is a poster from the Red Cross.

It’s a poster which has been found at community pools.  The uproar has been over the “cool”/”not cool” depictions of the kids in the picture. It was noticed that the kids labeled “not cool” were of color while the white kids were “cool”.


I hate to break it to the Red Cross.  There’s a hell of a lot more wrong with their pool safety poster than just the color of skin.  I happened to notice that there is only one whale in the picture.  Where are the sharks and dolphins?  There are two lifeguards who aren’t doing a damn thing about the “not cool” kids.  Instead one looks like they’re texting and the other one looks like they’re sleeping.  I also want to note that there are more males in the picture than females.  And how many are transgender?  Which kid is pissing in the pool?  How about the lone dookie? I only see what looks to be one parent.  I’m not even going to discuss the communities where these posters were probably placed.

I think I solved the dilemma for the Red Cross: a generic pool safety poster.  Instead of using “cool” or “not cool”, I’ve used “YES” and “NO”:


Of course I do know that this picture is probably going to offend stick people of all kinds, maybe even thin or overweight  people, as well as really bad artists everywhere.  Even so, at least it won’t offend anyone of any one color, sex or religion.  Oh wait.  Isn’t one of those stick figures wearing a yamaka?




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