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Beauty Doesn’t Equal Value

From three years ago.  A #FlashbackFriday food-for-thought moment:

Dustin Hoffman understands what some men won’t, or ever, understand:  women.

An interview Hoffman did with AFI in 2012 has recently gone viral.  In it the actor reveals his true feelings on what it was like playing a woman in the hit movie “Tootsie“.  And Hoffman gets it.

He gets the fact that there is more to a woman than just a sexy body and a beautiful face.  There is a person inside, one with a sense or humor, a high intelligence, a love for life.  The emotional aspect of Hoffman’s interview comes out when he, too, realizes that he has always been “one of those guys” that doesn’t really know women.  But I’m sure his realization opened his eyes quite a bit.

Imagine if we all followed in the footsteps of Dustin Hoffman’s “Tootsie” discovery and began looking at individuals as people first.  This includes women AND men.  I know just like a less attractive woman is more than likely to be the last on the dance floor, so is a less attractive man.

I haven’t been in the dating world for over 20 years but for those out there who are still searching for the “right one”, this strategy may work for you.  Instead of always going for the gusto, the long-legged blonde, the six-foot-three dark-haired George Clooney look-alike, pay attention to the cute, chubby freckle-faced red-head or the five-foot-six geeky Rick Moranis look-alike.  You may be surprised at what you discover behind their appearance.



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