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Not Enough?

#FlashbackFriday to last year

I was recently reminded of a “memo” I read years ago regarding how some people–more like “fans”–feel they have a sense of “entitlement” when it comes to celebrities they admire.  These people feel that celebrities have an “obligation” to them.  The only “obligation” any well-known figure should feel they have is presenting themselves well in what they do and providing the entertainment the fans have paid for.

Sometimes as fans we are lucky to have the celebrity be gracious enough to grant us their time and offer a picture and autograph.  That’s always nice and why should we ask for more?  Some people find it necessary to hound celebrities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites.  Some people get ecstatic, especially the younger set, when so-and-so celebrity actually takes the plunge and follows them or retweets something they wrote.  It’s not like they are the only person this celebrity is following or retweeting.  Yes, it may be exciting but it’s not all it’s cut out to be.  Get over it because sometimes it gets old pretty quickly.  And sometimes that fine line between celebrity and fan is crossed and things get, well, kinda messy.

I have had the opportunity to hold court with a few famous personalities.  In looking back at those moments, I kind of wish they had never happened.  People think it would be so cool to have drinks with so-and-so celebrity.  As cool as it may seem, it is also very uncomfortable and awkward.  Try carrying on an intelligent conversation about politics with said celebrity and being interrupted every five minutes by everyone from their manager to autograph-seekers and photo hounds.  The real fortunate ones are those who make it into the hotel rooms.  At least nobody is going to bother them behind closed doors.  They can talk (and do whatever else they want) until the cows come home.  Or until some brash fan(s) start pounding on the door or slip a note under the door…

So take my advice:  the next time you have the chance to meet a celebrity, just be grateful to meet them, maybe get a picture, maybe an autograph and cherish those memories.  Don’t ask for or expect more.  It’s not owed to you.



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