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The Good Things About The Bad Things

As with just about any bad scenario that can happen, oftentimes something good actually comes out of it.  As unfortunate as bad things are, I think the bad happens to keep the good in check.

Kindness has been brought out in many throughout the past several days following the most recent gun killing craziness.

I heard a story of a black woman who walked into a convenience store and there were two cops at the front counter talking to the cashier.  The woman went and got what she was in there to buy and brought it to the cashier.  I can’t recall the exact encounter as I read it on Facebook but I believe one of the cops approached her and asked, “Are you okay?” and she said she was sad.  The police officer said he was sad too and they hugged and cried together.

I don’t know about anywhere else in the country but in Massachusetts alone I’ve read numerous stories of people bringing coffee and various treats to their local police to say “thanks” for their service.

A few hours ago I read on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook timeline:

Today the troopers @ B3-Springfield received a yummy gift from 3 nice and appreciative young African American men,who just wanted to say thanks and to wish the troopers well after a tough week. So sweet… they brought, our favorite…boxes of D&D..thank you.

I think that’s awesome and I hope it continues.  In good times and in bad–let’s all be nice to each other.




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