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Determine Your Own “Happily Ever After”

I applaud Jennifer Aniston for speaking out in the Huffington Post earlier this week about her never-ending battle with the paparazzi and media moguls in general.

She’s been in the business long enough to know this is the norm.  But she doesn’t have to accept it and I can’t blame her for not doing so.  No wonder she isn’t on social media.  After all, the Internet can be a cesspool, depending on how you use it.

People of notoriety (and oftentimes just “regular folks”) who post on social media are scrutinized for everything from their clothing choices to how thin their kids look in a photo at the beach.  Some celebrities eat it all up as an ego boost.  Others may fight back. Some may just ignore what is being said.  Jennifer Aniston has chosen to just leave it all alone and not even go there.

Is knowing what she had for lunch going to change what is happening in the world?  Will you be able to sleep better tonight if you know for a fact Jennifer Aniston isn’t pregnant?  Is it really that important?  Do we really have that much time on our hands that we even care?  Jennifer doesn’t care what the hell kind of cars we drive or where we vacation.  She doesn’t care if we have kids or not.  She doesn’t care if we are thin or fat.  Why should we give a rat’s ass about what she does, how she looks or what goes on in her life?

As she stated in her post “we get to determine our own ‘happily ever after’ for ourselves”.  So get out in the world and go create your own story and leave Jennifer’s alone.



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