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What Will It Be Today?

A list of today’s possible offenses:

A random baseball player will scratch his ass during the National Anthem, then adjust his balls

Pigeons in the park will stare at you cross-eyed

Someone will take a photo of a moose getting it on with another moose right in the middle of the Kancamagus Highway and then will post it all over social media for all to see.

Any random cashiers you come in contact with will not tell you to have a nice day

When you punch in your PIN number at the ATM the machine will reply “wrong PIN number, dumbass”.

Donald Trump will speak.  Whenever he speaks he says something that offends someone.  This is an everyday occurrence!

Hillary Clinton will walk around without a face mask infecting the world with her pneumonia

Bill Belichick may crack a smile.  I’m sure that would at least offend Goodell.

Someone will order a coffee at a random coffee place and the cup will not be handed to them correctly.


The list is endless for the possible offenses that may occur today.

So be on the lookout for all the offenses that may offend you.  While you’re busy being offended, spend some time trying hard not to be offended.  It isn’t good for you as a human being.





I'm a writer. I'm also a wife and a parent who works too much and lives too little. In addition to writing I also love to read, listen to music, travel, cook, I enjoy looking for bargains at flea markets or thrift stores, Christmas, football and of course writing! How did I come up with the title of my blog? Two things: 1. I live in New England (duh) and 2. Canadian singer Alan Frew once arrogantly told me to "get a New England life"--again--DUH! I already HAVE one!

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