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If The Tables Were Turned

I feel for the Austrian 18-year-old girl whose parents have shamelessly posted hundreds of photos of her on Facebook.  These aren’t just your ordinary everyday run-of-the-mill photos.  Nope.  These are photos that were taken of her throughout her childhood, during “milestone” moments (diaper changes, using the potty, first bath, etc.).  So I can certainly understand why she is upset.

As a parent there are those “special moment” photos you take.  However, they aren’t the kind of “special moment” photos you share.  They’re private.  They go in your child’s baby book or in a special photo album designated for that child.  They don’t go on Facebook for everyone to see.

I wonder how the parents would feel if their daughter found baby photos of them taken during their “milestone” moments and posted them on Facebook for all to see.  Maybe then they would understand why their daughter wants to sue them.



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